The Treasure Chest

Amongst the hundreds of subscription services, this one is like no other. It has a personal approach–with no algorithms. This service is specificity designed for the individual client.

The subscriber will have the opportunity to have their personal style needs catered to in 3-month intervals, for up to 1 year. The Treasure Chest service is a luxury subscription service where the subscriber will have the opportunity to receive 3 luxury accessories for their designated 3-month contract term.

Personal Shopping // Gifting Service

We live in a hustle and bustle society where most professionals have no time to shop for their wardrobe or invest the proper amount of time to shop effectively. So, this is where I come in! Taking advantage of this service will alleviate the hassle of making time to shop for yourself or a loved one. Which creates more time to do what YOU really want to.

Closet Refresher

Closet a mess? Can’t find anything to wear? Searched high and low for your favorite shoes and still cannot find them?

You need a to be refreshed! Why not have a skilled professional clean, purge and organize your closet?

Wardrobe Planning

Tons of clothes and more than enough to wear. Are you putting pieces together but still unsatisfied with your final look?

Proper planning could fix that! Have your wardrobe planned out, documented for your records and never wonder, “what must I wear?”

Virtual Styling Services

Ever wished you could have a stylist right at your fingertips and right when you needed one? Got a quick question about what goes with what or how you should wear something? Or, the infamous “Does this look right?” “How does this look?”

Then I have just what you need. ME, virtually! Click here for more details.

The DRH Experience Package

Totally lost, when it come to style and want to free up some time? Or, maybe you just need a new look for your new life! This service has an array of services catered and designed for your personal style needs. The package includes:

  • Video Consultation
  • Personal Style Evaluation & Closet Refresher
  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe Planning

Want to take it up a notch! Then take this package to the next level and include the Lux Pack.

The Lux Pack includes:

  • Catered Lunch
  • Driver Service
  • Personal Boudoir
  • Professional MUA
  • Licensed Cosmetologist/Barber

Let’s Do This!

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