Tie Me A Pocket Square

As a wardrobe stylist who shops more than the average guy. I know it can get a little pricey. So, for those of you who are somewhat crafty and enjoy conversation pieces. This one is for you. I have utilized my neckties in various ways from making bow ties to taking the softer silk ties apart and stuffing them in my lapel pocket. This time I wanted to add a little more style and create something that makes a screaming statement. And it worked! Every time I wear these pocket squares I am always asked “who made those” and “where can I get one”. So, by popular demand here’s how.

They all start with one simple step: Cutting the tie at least 5″ from the rear point. If you want you can stop there, if not here’s more.


This first one was simply assembled by adding some studs. You can wear it flat or roll it together. Tuck it in your lapel pocket and you are ready to go!




This second one was put together by taking several of the cut ties and rolling them, then gathering together with a leather cord, and tying a simple bow.



This last one, which is my favorite was done by gathering several cut tie together and tying them at the bottom with a leather cord. I would suggest using no more than 4 cut ties and try to create a cool color palette that will compliment your ensemble. The awesome part about this guy is that you can fold one or more of the pieces down to your liking to complete the look you want to achieve.