The Perfect Perfecto


Arriving in the late 20’s and popularized by many great style icons. The Biker Jacket is a MUST HAVE for every guy. Whether you are playing out that fantasy of one day riding off in the wind on a Harley, channeling your inner bad boy, or simply a style head. This iconic piece of fashion is not limited to one genre of style. It has so much diversity. Every guy can wear this jacket. The limitless options of wearing this jacket makes it a staple in my wardrobe and hopefully yours too. With jeans and a white tee if you are going for that classic look or with a oxford shirt and slim tie, it crosses all style boundaries. I would even go out on a limb and say even formally, if styled properly. Dressed up or down this piece just says something about the wearer, I guess an added layer of confidence. Throughout the years we have seen many designers take this jacket and make it there own. As for me, I prefer the classic jacket, no bells and whistles, just leather and silver tone hardware. The classic jacket adds a bit of “Americana Nostalgia” and offers limitless options for wear. Not to say that the revamps of the jacket does not. More so like a classic white button up, a great classic foundation piece that you can add your own little flair to or keep simple and still pull off a great look. For those of you who have always wanted to venture into wearing this jacket. I say go for it and BE FEARLESS, with it!!! And to the ones who have already joined the club, CHEERS!!!!