The Look for Less

Every now and then the “Frugal Fred” in me begins to speak and share his insight on how I can create a look without breaking the bank. When this happens, I normally listen and appreciates the reality check in the end. This time, I was in the process of making a purchase from one of my favorite brands. HERMES! Throughout the years I have purchased many of the infamous neckties. I love the quality of Hermes neckwear and the brand as a whole. So, I was browsing the website looking for some wrist wear to purchase. So “Frugal Fred” said “think about this, with your creativity and great eye you can create or at least purchase that look for less. What I decided, was to challenge myself and find 4 Hermes pieces I wanted. Then find 4 similar items that I would be satisfied with, without making those major purchases. So I did! The process of searching for the items was enjoyable and a breeze and yep I am satisfied with what I came up with. So here they are.

The Time Pieces
Hermes: The Arceau ($2700-$4100 depending on the size) and The Clipper Chrono Plongée
What I purchased: Ted Baker Watch( less than$50 bucks)and a Diesel Classic Chronograph Watch ($130)


The Bracelets
Hermes: The Hapi 3 GM($380)and The Etriviere($780)
What I purchased: Gap Belt( less than $30 bucks) and Red Leather Luggage Tag Strap( practically free)


All pictures of Hermes products are courtesy of