Spring is here…..!

Spring is finally here and despite some of the leftover winter weather. It time to pull out all your spring attire and evaluate what you will choose to keep and what you will purge. I will just go into a few pointers on what to expect this spring so you can have a an idea in the direction you should go.

This spring you will see a great deal of bold patterns. If you are not that guy who enjoys a great floral pant, lol. I suggest you utilize your neck wear for the bold pattern trend. Pictured is a great handcrafted bow tie that screams boldness, and utilizes great spring colors very well


If you do enjoy a bold print pant, plaid will be your best bet, not to much and never unstating. Pictured is a great pair of lightweight plaid pants from Andre 3000’s original Benjamin Bixby Fashion Line. A great attributes of these pants are that they contain vivid primary colors, which is also another trend to look out for this spring.


The crisp white button front shirt in the pictured will also be a great benefit to your wardrobe. Not only is it a staple to the male wardrobe, it will be popping up and emphasized more this spring. This article of clothing works with any look. The shirt is what I call “the chameleon ” of clothes you can do anything with this shirt from a business meeting, a formal event to cuffing the sleeves and throwing on a great pair of denim.


Color this season is a big thing! One color that is a must this season is orange. One ultimate thing about orange I like is that no matter the skin tone. IT WORKS! So put a little orange in your life fellas. Pictured is a simple light weight v-neck sweater which can be paired with almost any bottom. Here I put a great pair of linen pants with the sweater.



So fellas this spring your mantra should be, “BOLDNESS”! Stand out even if you have to stand alone.