“One Piece STARTS the PROCESS “

When styling , as I mentioned before. I like to start the wardrobe with one piece and work from there. With this look I began my process with a pair if vintage LUCCHESE OSTRICH COWBOY BOOTS.

When I laid eyes on the boots , I knew I had to create something that works well with them and of course looks great. I actually came up with two ways to style around the boots.

In the first look an I took a pair of dark denim Levi’s. Let me say this I actually have recently fell in love with the Levi’s product lines. This company creates a variety of styles that pretty much can be worn for almost any occasion, well not any, But most. In addition to the denim I paired a wool turtleneck Versace sweater to the mix. I chose this color to blend with the boots, but not give a “matchy-matchy” appearance as if I went with a brown sweater. I also included a leather bracelet, which are new staple for me. The belt was a easy choice. An Italian made leather belt with brass studs. To finished the look off I incorporated a canvas messenger, again blending not matching. A day of classes, a night out with friends minus the bag, and meeting for a casual consultation with a client can all be complimented by this look.

The second look, with a few changes gives a great alternative to the first look. I change the sweater to a cashmere vintage HERMES sweaters from the 70s , a bamboo rayon scarf, and removed the bag. This look has my stamp of approval.