Men in Prints


Over the past few years we have experience an emergence of prints in men’s fashion. Now, I am not saying that it has never existed, but the male species have taken off their coats of fear and draped themselves fearlessly with prints. Whether it’s a small item like a scarf to a shirt. Men are wearing prints. One print that has gain vast popularity is animal print. Men are rocking animal print just as much as women. I am ecstatic to see this phenomenon occur. I, myself, has always been a fan of animal prints. I wholeheartedly applaud men apparel designers for letting the fellas take part. Wearing animal prints can be a little bit tricky. I would not suggest mixing the various prints all in one ensemble or even being full cladded in the print. Little accents here and there are a great start, i.e. a lapel flower. Then you can go for what I would call the full gusto with perhaps a blazer, a shirt or even pants. No matter how you do it, always remember to go forward with precaution and careful editing to ensure your ensemble does not roar, “I just over did it”, or perhaps “I am trying to hard”.