Don’t Get Yourself in Knots about Ties

Wearing a tie or bow tie can be the difference between a blazer or not. These accessory pieces adds a little character to the wardrobe. I have taken three different style shirts and showed at least two neck pieces that will play well with the shirt.

the shirt.

Here is a denim shirt with a faint diamond pattern matched with a medium dark denim necktie. The look works well this spring as denim on denim in moving at a fast pace in men’s fashion.


This number is the same denim shirt mixing the diamonds with some repp stripes. A carefree prepster look with a loose knot for a collegiate appearance.


Here we have a play on the corporate world and the whimsical ties they enjoy wearing and adding just a tab bit of formality with the bow tie.



A day at the derby wearing a vintage dapper white bow tie. Who can go wrong?