D.I.Y. Skull Shirt

Normally, for Halloween I do not dress in costume so, I never have to worry about who or what I will go as. If I am not mistaken the last time I dressed in a costume was my freshman year in college. I was Steve Urkel. Which was actually fun, if I must say. I also won a $25.00 gift card for dressing in that costume.

This year will be the same as the years before. I will not dress in costume, but I will be a little more festive.

This came about when I was in Dollar Tree, one of my favorite stores. (I am not ashamed) LOL! I was in the Halloween section and I came across a felt skull cut out. I immediately thought to myself, “this has to go on a shirt. Not a t-shirt but, a button front shirt.” I knew exactly what shirt as well as what color the skull would be and that day the D.I.Y. Skull Shirt was born. Well, at least my version of it.

Extremely simple, Less than $10.00, and Looks Awesome!!!

What You’ll Need:

Skull Stencil/Cut Out: $1.00- Dollar Tree
Button Front Shirt $5.00- Thrifted
Spray Paint: $1.00- Walmart

What To Do:

Simply center the skull stencil/cut out on the button front shirt’s center front and center rear, spray with spray paint, let dry, and style to your preference:




DRH’s Styling Tip: (Fall/ Winter) Pair with a wool skinny tie with colors that compliment the color of the paint. Add a few accoutrements , slim straight dark denim, and a nice pair of suede oxfords.