The Essentials: Knit Ties

Knit ties are my go to when it comes to neckties. They make great knots and lay perfectly. Whether silk, wool, or cotton they all work well. Although often looked over, I suggest you give them a try!!

The Essentials: Men's Jewelry 

For most men jewelry is an afterthought, or not a thought at all. Unless, it is a wedding ring or wristwatch. “But times are a changin”. Over the past decade there has been a peak in men wearing accessories, especially jewelry. So,…

"Rolling Up  Your Sleeves" D.I.Y.

We all have that long sleeve shirt that we love and wish we could turn into a cooler version of itself. So check out this simple D.I.Y.  that maximizes your current wardrobe without maximizing your spending.    


A few months back, I had the wonderful opportunity to style a great new and groundbreaking female gospel hip hop artist. " MURK", Ms. Mercedes Wheeler! I must say it was a pleasure to work with this artist and can't wait to show you the…