Belts, “Don’t be Scared”

One misconception as men is to always play it safe in fashion and not to go to far out the box. That being said. We men folk tend to dress very, very, boring. Some say, there are not alot of choices for guys when shopping. That can be true, but not in all cases. One thing I see alot of are the the boring black and brown leather belts. Now, they are closet essentials. They mix well with pretty much whatever you wear. They also match most men dress shoes, which tend to be mainly black and brown. “But times are a changing”! We have more choices now. That means going beyond our normal shopping tendencies and also embracing a little risk. As a advocate for men’ s accessories, sounds like a social issue huh, BUT, it is. I say the more diversity in the accessories department, the more ways you can take the simplest t-shirt and jeans and create a variety of looks. I love belts and suggest you do the same. That is our purpose in life, to LOVE!!! Make belts a focal point. Go beyond the norm, embrace belts of different colors, styles, sizes, and material.

I also suggest, investing in great belt buckles along with awesome belts to adorn them with.