Baroque, to be or not to be. TO BE!

I’m sure you all have notice the printed t-shirts, ornate gold jewelry, and D&G blazers resembling your grandma’s vintage couch. No disrespect, as I do love D&G Fall 2013 Collection. Well it is here, alive and well. Baroque! Baroque fashion is all over the place. I must say, I am loving it. Takes me to a time seeing Biggie back in the day with his Versace everything ensemble from head to toe. That being said I must give you a little of my baroque interpretation and all that comes with it.


Some ornate jewelry crafted by me of course.


My go-to sneakers with Greek key ribbon for laces and a belt I repurposed into a bracelet.


Yes, I do love this vest as it epitomizes all thing baroque, but I could not “leave it hanging” without replacing the buttons.


So there you have it, BAROQUE!