What's Trending? Spr/Sum 2014

Here are some great references on what to look out for or to add to your wardrobe this spring and summer. COLORS: PINK COLORS: PURPLE PATTERNS: FLORALS PATTERNS: CAMO PATTERNS: POLKA DOTS

Pantone's Spr/Sum 2014 Men's Fashion Colors

Wondering what cool colors Pantone has picked for spring and summer? Well, check it out!!!

Hype for Stripes and Mad for Plaids

When the weather warms up, my mind literally goes straight to seer sucker, and madras plaid. I don't know why, but, maybe it something about it that take me to a sun filled place with ocean or sea waters in the background. So grabs a pair of…

Spring Cleaning

Now if you are like the rest of us, spring cleaning is beginning. Before you toss out that old tool box, you rarely use. Consider it your new travel box for your smaller items. That's what I did! I found this tool box. Due to its smaller size.…


Hey fellas, sometimes in our in our daily grind we forget to maintain our hands. A simple, small manicure kit is an awesome go-to item to keep your hands just as presentable as the rest of you.

The Tuxedo Stud

You know those tuxedos studs you get for your tux, especially the nice ones. Ever wonder what else can I do with these? Well, switching them for cuff links is a great ideal. Gives you a less bulkier feel and add a simple touch to complement…